"Aw hell..." I muttered.
"What?" Jared asked, as Andy my ex boyfriend walked into view holding friggin Victoria's hand.
"Just my ex boyfriend. I need to talk to you, follow me to my locker," I turned and walked, avoiding Andy on the other side of the hall. 
"What's up?" Jared was leaning up against the locker looking like a model, which caused me to loose my breath and blush. 
"Uh, I, um..." Andy was making his way over to me with a look on his face that annoyed me a lot.
"I need you to be my boyfriend until this guy leaves k?" I looked up at Jared pleading with my eyes.
"Yeah sure," he looked excited and happy, why, however, I don't know, as he wrapped his arm around my waist.
"Hey Mandy," Andy looked quizzically at Jared's arm around my waist.
"Oh I'm so sorry Andy, I forgot to introduce you to my boyfriend, Jared, Jared this is Andy," I glared at Andy.
"Funny she never mentioned you," he said.
"Yeah cuz we talk all the time," I muttered sarcastically.
"She never mentioned you either," Jared said politely knowing it would make the vein in Andy's neck throb.
"Oh really?"
"What do you want Andy?" I asked sharply.
"I wanted tutoring lessons in Language Arts," he looked at me like he knew I was gonna say yes.
"No, goodbye," I turned around and started to mess with my locker.
"But I-" he stammered.
"I said no! Now leave!" I turned to Jared and started to kiss him furiously. Yeah, I know, what a shocker, but he was so adorable, and I couldn't resist, plus it would make us seem more convincing, plus I was mad and about to slap Andy across the face. It took Jared a second to catch on, but when he did it was....wow. The best kisser ever.... Andy finally left.
"Wow," Jared whispered before letting go of my waist. 
"What class do you have next?" he asked.
"Language Arts," I stared inside my locker wondering if I left anything.
"Oh I have Ms. Clooney next," he replied pointedly.
"Yeah, why is that your next class?" he grinned already knowing the answer. 
"Yeah," I turned back to my locker," Is this seriously happening?!" I yelled.
"What? Is that a bad thing? I kinda thought it was good..." his grin disappeared, and a sad look took its place.
"No it is, I just left my homework at home, that's all," I watched as his face lit up and my tummy got fuzzies.
"Shall we go?"
"Yeah," we walked side by side.
"So how's life?" he said a little too casually.
"Why do you care?" I asked sharply, because when people ask you about life they usually want information, and certain information is deadly.
"I, uh, well,I don't know," he stammered.
"Look I'm just warning you now, you don't want to know about me, you don't want to care. I am not someone you should care about because once you do I will end up hurting you, and you seem sweet and nice and you don't deserve that. I am one of those people who is dangerous, and you don't want to know why," I took a breath and started to walk to class in the deserted hallway.
"But what if I don't care? What if I think you're worth the pain?" I have given that speech to just about every guy I have ever met and none of them responded that way. They pretty much looked at me like I was insane and walked in the other direction, so don't blame me when I get caught off guard. I turned and looked at him, in the eyes, and he looked sincere, like he honestly didn't care. 
"Really?" I kept staring.
"Well it's kinda hard not to want to after that kiss," he looked at me mischievously.  
"Oh well ok then," I walked again.
"So what? I just met you, I don't know you, what the hey? Why don't you just come home with me after school and we'll make out in your car?" I said sarcastically.
"Oh well fine, it will take time, but could it be possible?"
"Well if Andy keeps trying to talk to me like that then maybe, but if we are just friends first then there is a higher chance," I turned my head away and grinned, I am such a tease.
"Oh well ok then," he grabbed me by the arm, spun me around, an pulled me to him, then kissed me like I had never been kissed. I dropped my books, wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed back. He pushed me gently up against the wall, and kept going. I let go and pushed him off. 
"Oh I see how it is..." he looked at me happily.
"This is school you know, classes, bells, that sorta thing," I giggled.
"Oh yeah, earth," he said his eyes laughing merrily.

~~~~ Wanna
Haha bet you didn't see that coming huh? Not even my friends knew.... i am quite the mysterious writer, am i not? Well whats going to happen next?the world may never know....jk lol. Ok well there's more, if you keep reading!
Love ya,
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