I walked into Ms. Clooney's class and she gave me a look of annoyance. I am often late to her class, but the best art is she does nothing about it but get upset and threaten you with a detention. Yeah, a big, bad, scary detention. I sat down in my spot in front of Johnny and simply said "New kid." She narrowed her eyes at me, fire burning with almost hatred.
"Hey," Johnny whispered immediately putting a shadow on my happiness.
"What?" I turned around my voice obvious with annoyance.
"You look happy, I was just wondering what happened..." he asked without hearing the annoyance.
"Why don't you just mind you're own business," I hissed. He looked frightened.
"Uh ok...'" gosh he is so annoying. He is not cute in any way, shape, or form. He doesn't know when to stop, even though you drop the most obvious hints. He has butt-crack parted hair that splits and curls in opposite directions. He wears sweater vests and penny loafers on his good days. I know, eew.
"Ms. Sikes, can you please see me after school? Thank you," the squat woman turned her pointed nose back to the board.
"Hi I'm Jared Moore, I just moved here from Nebraska," he looked at me and winked. My stomach fluttered. Johnny tapped me on the shoulder and I stupidly turned around.
"What?" I was refraining from slapping him.
"Did he just wink at you?" 
"Why do you care?" I turned around with a huff.
The rest of  the day flew by all too quickly. I stepped into Ms. Clooney's room with a feeling of dread.
"Ah Ms. Sikes, please come in," she stood up.
"Can we hurry, the gates to my home close at 4:45," I stood there bracing myself for her wrath.
"What s going on between you and Johnny and Jared?" she looked at me over her small framed reading glasses.
"What do you mean?" major confusion was beginning to set in.
"Well Johnny is totally and completely head over heels for you, and don't think I missed that wink Jared gave you earlier," she looked at me with knowing eyes, and suddenly I realized she was kinda pretty.
"EW! Johnny?! Gross!"
"What about Jared?" 
"He is...unexplainable," I looked at her blushing to my roots.
"Well, why don't you come back tomorrow, and we'll talk," she said leaving no room for conversation.
"Bye Ms. Clooney," I stepped out of the room right into Jared's arms.

Hey yeah there is more to come but i am tired so haha! sucks for you! jk I will post more and you will become addicted!haha you love me! PLEASE PLEASE comment!!!!! Keep reading and I'll keep posting.
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