"OMG!" Ally screamed in my ear as soon as I shut the door.
"So are you two like going out?" Lexi asked.
"No why do you ask?" I asked, turning red. 
"Well your faces were like glued together in the hallway," Ally said nudging me.
"SHUT UP!" I whisper-yelled to her.
"Oh whatever, you know you liked it," Lexi retorted with a smile.
"I- well-uh- grr!" I stammered.
"Haha," they laughed. I stomped up to my room, to get ready for PPSI, Pick Pocketing and Switching Information, there was a test with a surprise reward that only me and my friends knew about.
"I don't know what we are, or even if we are something, but its his choice," i said as i walked slowly up the stairs.
"Well you're obviously taken so no one will ask you out anytime soon, and girls know he's yours," Ally said excitedly.
"Ok, seriously, lets go to class, 'cause Mr. Anderson is headed this way to talk to us," we stepped up to the door and walked in just before the clock went a second beyond 5:15.

~~~~~~ Wanna's Word~~~~~~
**** Hey!! Sorry it's been so long since I posted! I know it wasn't that good, but I'll post more ASAP! Thanks for reading! Oh and btw i'm working on another story. 
Thanks! Wanna! :)*****
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