"Bye Ms. Clooney," I stepped out of the room, right into Jared's arms. 
"Hey," he whispered in our bubble of oblivity.
"Hi," I whispered back, staring into his deep, wonderful, green eyes.
"How 'bout a ride back?" he looked at me hopefully.
"What are you? My soon-to-be stalker?" I pushed him gently away giggling.
"Maybe," he said mischievously.
"Awesome..." I started down the hall towards my locker hiding my red face, and the relief that I didn't have to  walk home.
 "We should probably go if your gates close at 4:45," I turned to stare open mouthed at him. He had been listening! How much had he heard? I mean it's not like I said anything to make anything obvious... right?
"You listened?!"
"A little," he shrugged.
"Oh well thanks!" I yanked my bag out of my locker and slammed it furiously. I started to walk away angrily stuffing thinks into my bag.
"Whoa, whoa, am I still giving you a ride?" I stopped.
"I'm still trying to decide!" 
"Well then let me help you," he grabbed me and kissed me again, my head lost it's train of thought, and when we pulled apart, I felt delirious. 
"You can't do that!" I almost fell, but he caught me.
"Do what?"
"That brain-washing thing!" my words were becoming slurred, and I was getting really happy for some strange reason. I leaned in wanting more, but then stopped myself. His face fell.
"Fine you can drive me home, but no jokes or comments once we get there, or I will kick your ass."
We walked to the car side by side giddy from the last kiss. He opened the door for me like a true gentlemen.
"Turn here," I said as we pulled onto our street. "It's gonna be a while," I hastily added.
We drove. And drove. And drove, all the way down until the gates loomed in front of us.
 "Turn into the drive, the code is, uh.." I wracked my brain for the right one, "3345," it popped into my head. You see the gate has all these codes. 3345 means guest with resident, so it would hide all the equipment in the yard, and it was currently transforming the entire bottom floor. Jared didn't know this, he also didn't know that there were about 30 to 40 cameras memorizing his face, and the fact that if he made any wrong move there could be 100 lasers and guns trained on him. He drove down the long drive in silence. Finally we reached the doors. 
"Thanks," I said not knowing what else to say. He leaned in an kissed me again....
"You're welcome," he whispered in me ear. I stepped out of the car and walked up the steps hoping my friends wouldn't be right behind the door. But of course I was wrong.

Hey yeah so she  and Jared are on a random track...keep reading to see how it goes. And yes oblivity is a word, look it up.-------> http://www.unwords.com/unword/oblivity.html and yes the sight is called unwords "changing the English language one word at a time" haha, it makes me laugh. Please comment! Tell me what you think, or what you think I should do, or give me "constructive criticism" haha it might make me mad, but I'll take it! COMMENT!!!!!! Thanks for reading and keep on to find out what happens next! :)
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