I sat there. Just sat. Waiting for him to come out of the shadows like I knew he would. Waiting and watching. Watching the mist curl up and disappear into the night; what I wish I could've done. Waiting, watching, and panicking. Panicking because he'd left me. Just like my Dad, just like Kevyn, and now him. Not again, the cool breeze danced upon my skin as I willed myself not to cry. "Not again," I whispered into the night. 
 Then he was there. The boy I had known my entire life, teasing me, messing with me, every little thing he had done he'd done was etched on his face. His eyes apologized for everything, searching mine for a sign of forgiveness. I longed to go over and wrap my arms around his neck, to find his lips with my own. To find that feeling like no other. 
 Instead I stood there dumbfounded. He looked at me with unsure eyes. I wanted to go over and run my fingers through his long, shaggy, reddish-brown hair; but I could barely look into his forever hazel eyes.
 "Hey," I whispered, barely audible above the trickling water in the pond.
 "Hey," he said, stepping out from behind the willow tree, fully bathed in the glow from the full moon. His white v-neck t-shirt clung to him in all the right places. His tanned, toned arms rippled, and it made him even harder to look at.
 "I'm sorry I'm late..." he trailed off, letting the real meaning behind that set in. 
 "Its ok," I turned and found him right behind me, looking at me, trying to solve the puzzle behind my mask.
 "What?" I asked, suddenly aware of everything happening. Distant dog barks, the creaks of branches playing in the soft breeze, ducks scolding us for being here, and him. His gaze, his mouth, his body, his presence. 
 Just him. There. With me. Because he wanted me. He loved me, and he'd been waiting for me to decide how I felt back. He'd been waiting since 6th grade, and I had finally made my decision, finally.

 Lasting Impressions
The kiss upon my cheek
That smile burned into my mind
Your voice whispering on the phone in the dead of night
The kisses left on my lips
Hours after they took place
These are my favorite memories
The way you look at me
And the world just fades away
The breath whooshes out of me
And my heart just skips a beat
I love that simple way you kiss my cheek
And these are the lasting impressions

  The cool, summer air burned my throat as I ran. I was going past my favorite spot when I stopped. The gazebo was empty, but you could tell by the flickering, candle-lit, lantern that it had seen it's fair share of romance. I pulled my digital camera out of my navy-blue basketball shorts. I kneeled onto the dew covered grass to take a picture of the wondrous scene. The trees were silhouetted by the moonshine through the mist; the mist rolled over the pond, where a swan was gracefully gliding over the water, sending ripples infinitely into each direction. The flickering light was sending shadows dancing wildly onto the ground around the gazebo, almost like a halo too alive to keep still around a peaceful, old, wise, mystery.
 I pressed a button, and a piece of the world was frozen in time, to be forever remembered, a piece of a puzzle, a puzzle no one had figured out, but to which I had the pieces.
 I was there, kneeling, in the same spot , in the growing darkness, and watched as a muscular form emerged from the woods. He walked towards the gazebo peacefully; he seemed to walk with a quiet purpose, like he knew what he was doing, but no one knew about it. I loved how easily he could add his own element to the picture, without disturbing what was already there. He made it better. I coudn't resist not taking a picture or two. He walked then studied the gazebo, as though figuring out the story behind it. He sat down an started to write. He wrote, and wrote. Each of those seconds was frozen in time along with the original scene. I got a text, but ignored as i shot one last amazing picture. 

~~~~~~ Wanna's Word~~~~~
Hahaha I just made that^ up. Ha ha, that's awesome. Anyways, I will write more soon, like tomorrow. I promise! Thanks for reading! Love ya! -Wanna :)
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