I looked at the photo I had just taken. The boy had a calm but sure determination spreading through his eyes; his fullish lips were slightly parted and pursed with concentration. He looked peaceful in his own little meditational world. For that one second he was a piece of heaven frozen in place, my heart swelled at the thought that I witnessed this moment. 
 I remembered the text I received. I c u, the text read. I looked up only to find the red-headed boy and an old couple at the park. I looked down to see who sent it, but the number was unknown. Who is this? I replied.
 "Maggie?" my name rang out into the night. I looked up to see the boy I photographed looking at me. 
 "Yeah?" I called back tentatively. 
 "It's me! Pardee!" the boy stood up and held out his arms like he was expecting a hug.
 "Nuh-uh!" I yelled back, already running toward him.
 "Yup!" he "umfed" when I ran into his arms. We stood there holding each other, happily soaking up every moment. His chin rested on my head, which was resting on his muscular chest like it was meant for this purpose. When Pardee had left for Europe, he had been a geeky little carrot top, with no body fat or muscle. Now after tanning in Greece, he was a beach god. My best friend was a beach god. After we let go of each other I could smell his sweet, manly, smell. My heart slid back to it's normal spot. He was here, and nothing could hurt me.
 "Sorry," I apologized after we had sat down. I was sweaty and probably didn't smell all that great.  
 "Naw, you're fine," he smiled at me, and I lost my breath for a second, I fanned my red face.
 "What'd I miss?" he studied my face when he said that.
 "Not much. Mom got a new job, no surprise there, we got a kitten, she's adorable, but she will kick your butt if you touch her when she eats. Um, it's been insanely boring without you here to keep me from going crazy," I looked up at him. He smiled, sadly though, as though he was thinking about an old memory that he wanted to experience again.
 "What about Kevyn?" he looked at me and his eyes hardened. I looked away.
 "We are still together," Pardee had hated it when I said yes to Kevyn. To him he was just another air-head jock, who was after new meat. True he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was really sweet. He knew just how to make me happy. Sure he didn't talk about much other than sports, but he knew what he liked, and what he wanted. Pardee thought he wanted change and  he was hung up on the thought that all he wanted was attention. He hated him, but I had liked him for two years, and it had finally paid off. 
 "You don't deserve him. He's a jerk, and he's using you, and he's just going to leave you to go back to his old girlfriend," his voice was tight, and so were his eyes, I looked at my swinging feet.
 "Well maybe I don't deserve him, but I don't see anyone else on board the Maggie train. No one's looking for a brainy, curly haired brunette, with highlights who likes to take pictures. What if I actually like him? What if I am happy for this once?" I looked at him and this time he looked away.
 "Well then good for you," his voice dripped with sarcasm, "At least you get to be oblivious to anything but your own little world. When he drops you, don't say I didn't warn you. I will still be here waiting for you to come and cry like every other girl he's done this to. Good luck, and I hope you didn't fall too hard," he picked up his stuff and turned to leave.
 "Pardee wait, you didn't tell me how your summer was," he turned towards me, leaned in and whispered,
 "Great," then went on his way.
 "Pardee!" I chased after him, "Pardee! If you don't turn around, by God I swear I will tackle you onto the ground and you will talk to me if I have to straddle you or not!" he kept on walking. Being myself, and as myself I keep my word, I ran full force at the figure in front of me jumping and throwing both of us to the ground. He let out a yelp as I rammed him to the ground.
 "You played dirty!" he gasped.
 "I gave you warning! Besides you totally deserved it," I started to giggle, because he was covered in dirt and grass stains. He started to laugh too. I rolled over and straddled him. He put his knees up for a backrest.
 "So how was your summer?" I looked at him, and he had laughter still written in the background of his voice. 
 "Terribly boring. The sights were pretty, and so were the chicks, but honestly it was boring. So I got a tan, got some muscle, and now I am Mr. Hottie," he grinned at me.
 "Oh that's not self-centered at all," I looked down at him.
 "Because you so didn't check me out when I walked over here," he teasingly accused me.
 "Only because I momentarily lost my mind."
 "No it was because momentarily you were transfixed by my great looks," I whacked his chest.
 "Nuh-uh!" I grinned.
 "Yeah, yeah, say whatever you want, but I don't believe you..." he rolled me off of him, and helped me up. 
 "Whatever! I'm gonna grab my camera then you are walking me home!" I turned to grab the camera, but his hand was on my wrist. I turned and looked at him.
 "Camera?" I reminded him.
 "I have it here," he held out his hand and it was there.
 "Uh, thanks?" his hand lingered on mine before letting it go.
 "You're welcome! Shall we?" he held out his arm waiting for me to link mine with his.
 "But of course!" and off we went onto the scenic trail through the woods, towards home.

~~~~~Wanna's Word~~~~~
 Hey ya'll! Have an awesome summer! I know I will! Pardee is named after the painter Alex Pardee, he is like scary amazing! Check out his stuff!! I will try to post another one as soon as I can, but I don't know when that will be. Sorry! Try to survive without my stories! Love ya!
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