"MOM!" I yelled into our house that was too large for for three people. Mom, me, and my brother J.D., or more commonly referred to as The Beast, because he is the most sweaty and disgusting boy-man you will ever meet.
   "YEAH?" my mother replied with equal volume.
   "Pardee's gonna hang out here for a while, k?" I took off my my jacket and threw it on the wooden table in the front hall, Pardee kicked off his shoes. 
   "Yeah just make sure that you-," my mother's young looking face was frozen in time. Her big blue eyes were frozen and open as wide as they could go with shock. Her jaw was basically on the floor and her brunette hair had flopped onto her face. She had been wiping her hands on a dish towel and now they were frozen in time doing that action.
   "Yes?" I prompted her to go on.
   "I-, wha-, HUH?!" she was staring at Pardee like she had never seen him before.
   "When did he get cute? Like cute cute, not geeky little kid cute, but that," she pointed  finger nail with chipped polish on it at him,"kinda cute?!" she looked at me as though the world had gone mad.
   "Uh, thanks Ms. Powell," Pardee's face was burning up.
   "Way to embarrass me mom," I sarcastically applauded her.
   "Well it's just, he wasn't supposed to get cute! He was supposed to be your geeky best friend!" my mother stammered out. 
   "Well I guess now he's my hott best friend, call us when dinner is ready," we dashed for the stairs. We got to my perfectly me room. My room was painted a calm blue, not too dark or gray. Like a tourqiusy sea but  a wee bit less vibrant. I had candles every where. My desk was pushed in the corner cluttered with my photos; my desk was on the other side of my bed even though the only clothes in it were specifically for old relatives that still thought I was six. My bed was in between the dresser and my window seat, with the bookshelf on the wall by the seat. I flopped onto my bed with the sky blue comforter and mismatched sheets. My room was perfect. Just like I had wanted it to be.
   "So you admit it," Pardee's voice invaded my head.
   "What?" I looked at him across the bed. 
   "You think I'm hott," he grinned and started to throw a pillow in the air. 
   "No I don't, I was just trying to get mom to shut up," I weakly defended myself.
   "You think I'm hott," he sang.
   "Whatever," I got up and sat on the window seat.
   "You smell," he threw the pillow at me. 
   "I'm gonna take a shower," I slipped off one of the tank tops I was wearing, and threw it at his face.
    "Oh gross!!!!" he yelled and jumped off my bed. He ran over, grabbed me and rubbed his arm pit in my face.
    "Eww! Sick!" I swatted at his arm, while cracking up,"Seriously, I'm taking a shower," he let me go and I went into the bathroom. I turned on the water and hopped in when it was a coolish warmth. My shampoo smelled especially delicious as I washed the grime off my body.
    I got out and ran a brush and hair stuff through my hair. I stepped out with a towel around my body to grab some clothes.
    "Try on this," Pardee threw something at my face.
    "What is this- no!" I looked horror-stricken at the dress in my hands.

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