"Em mi gosh!" Ally gasped as another gust of wind blew straight at us. It was one of those cold-gets-through-five-layers-by-a-miracle-gone-wrong days.
 "How much longer of this do we have to take?!" I said through my teeth. 
 "Um well-"Lexi started off.
 "I didn't want an answer-" the wall of black and fall to the ground stopped me short.
 " Oh my god, are you okay?" a masculine voice asked. I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful face ever. Ok he wasn't beautiful but he was as close as you can get.
 "Y-yeah," I said once I found my breath. He grabbed my hand and lifted me up. He had gorgeously shaggy brown hair that flipped into his eyes, which by the way were blue green like the deepest sea, a defined jawline,which turned up as though he were smiling even if he wasn't. He was slightly tan like me. He was so cute. I looked behind him and saw my friends frantically pointing at him mouthing "he's cute!!!!!". I nodded slightly so they would stop before he turned around.
 "Hey uh sorry about that. This random guy pushed me into you, sorry," he looked so sincere.
 "Hey it's okay, no harm done. I fall worse when I try to walk, I'm fine," I looked up to see him and saw him smiling at me and I smiled back and turned to walk away.
 "Wait!" he called, and my stomach fluttered. He grabbed my arm and spun me around to face him. 
 "Uh sorry, it's just I don't even know your name..." he smiled sheepishly.
 "Oh yeah, it's Amanda, but every one calls me Mandy," whoa, I never tell any one my nick-name to any one until I've known them a while.
 "A very pretty name. Mine is Jared," he stuck out his hand and I had to shake it, I mean it is rude not to shake some one's hand. His hand was gentle, and soft, like baby butt soft.
 "I have to go to class," I pulled my hand away reluctantly and urned to go.
 "Will I see you around?" I turned to look at hime and his eyes were hopeful.
 "Sure," I finally walked away.
 "Eh mi gawd! Did you see how hot he was?" Ally started to fan the air round her as she asked, as though it's not cold enough outside, I thought to myself.
 "Uh how could you not?"
 "I think he likes you," Lexi the genius stated as though it were simple and factual, like it would never change.
 "What?! No, nuh-uh, no way is that possible!" although I wished it was.
 "Come on Mandy! You're pretty, nice, and you're smart! What's not to love?" Ally said as tough it were obvious.
 "Whatever..." I walked into the school building and stormed into my first class. The smell of the art room instantly calmed me. 
 "Hi Ms. Wall!" I saw our lastest masterpieces had been put up along the wall. 
 "Oh hello Mandy. We have a new student, could you help him get situated?" Ms. Wall looked kinda shaken, then again she always did. 
 "Sure," I spun around.........

** Okay so this part is pretty predictable, I get it. But whatever there are more surprises coming up!! keep reading and I'll keep posting! <3> wanna!!
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