"Mandy?! Are you alright?" Ally asked worriedly. 
   "Yeah, I just need some time to myself...." I managed to stutter out between my sobs. 
   "Okay just come back to the room when you're done...." Ally disappeared and  her voice went with her. Why was I so stupid? I knew that every time I seem to be happy it just goes down the drain. Why did I let myself get too comfortable? I don't get this at all! I don't want to get hurt, and I don't want to hurt the ones around me, and yet I do. My life officially sucks. My warm tears finally started to fade away. I started to get out of the secret tunnel I had been in for the past thirty minutes. As I stepped out I ran into the one thing I really didn't need right now.

Sorry to leave y'all hanging, but thats my specialty! The title came from a line of a song that I like a lot just FWI. Keep reading and I'll keep posting!!!!!! :)
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