"Sure," I spun around to see Jared standong there. Seriously?! I was begining to wonder if i was seeing things. I mean I was never this fortunate.
 "Hey there," Jared stepped closer.
 " Hi yourself," I put my hands in my butt pockets. I do that when I'm nervous.
 " So we have a class together?" he was grinning a goofy cute kinda way.
 " I guess so. Uh there's an empty seat next to me so you'll sit there. Um today we are painting, so grab a convas and brush, and we'll get you set up," we walked in the different directions to the supplies we needed. Meanwhile I was getting our paint set up. He came back and set his canvas down on his easel. He looked at the many brushes in my hand quizically.
 " Hey you never know which size will work the best," I explained in a rush.
 " True."
 " Okay class, today I want you to paint something beautiful from this past week. You may start," Ms. Wall let our minds and creativity go. I immediately knew what I would paint. I recalled the sunset from Thursday, I have a photographic memory. I started to paint the image in my head. I sat there unaware of anything around me; all I saw was my hands, my picture, and the paint. The only thing I could hear was the music inmy ears, and that was soon distant. Next thing I know Jared is shaking me out of my trance. The bell rang. I picked up my stuff and walked out into the chaos we call the hall. 
 " Hey your sunset looks amazing," Jared said right behind me.
 " Oh, uh, thanks?," it sounded like a question.
 " You're welcome," his breath tickled my ear. I turned the corner and Andy, my ex, walked into view. The thing is I hate him, he broke up with me via text, he was only into the physical stuff, and he really didn't care about me as a whole. I'm not a bitter ex girlfriend, really, I'm not, but when you screw with me or my friends then yeah I'm gonna mess with you. 
  " Aw hell...." I muttered.

*** Hey y'all I'm back!!!! Uh thats all for now. I hope you have enjoyed it so far! :) Keep reading and I'll keep posting! That's all folks! :) Love ya! - Wanna :)
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