Ch. 1
 I didn't ask for this whole thing to happen to me. Yeah every girl wants her Prince Charming to come and sweep her off her feet, but I didn't think it would literally happen to me. I am an orphan who was dropped off by some social worker to Adam's Home for Girls; don't give me your pity because that is one thing I can't stand. The thing is Adam's Home for Girls isn't just an orphanage, its a Criminology school. As in the they teach you how to be come one of the world's greatest criminals, and how to never get caught. This is my home, and the girls in it are my "sisters". The home only accepts girls ages 11-17, but once you're accepted you're always welcome back.
 There aren't any normal aspects of the home. We get millions of dollars a year (from pickpocketing and donations) so we dress normally, we all go to public school then get trained after we come home, we are all healthy, quite ulike the norm for orphanages. 
 Thats just (for the most part) on the outside, inside knowledge is basically worth killing over. We can spy, kill, steal, and do a bunch of other stuff you really don't want to know. 
 My closest friends share a room with me, which is awesome because even though we don't see each other much at school, we can totally come home and see each other. Alice, Ally, who is the skiniest person on earth, which I don't get because she eats more than a football player after practice, has shortish like shoulder-length, dirty-blonde hair, long legs, curves, and everyone guy in school drooling after her.  Alexis, Lexi, is average height, has long, like touching her butt, brown hair,  and is incredibly smart. She can break through the schools firewalls in five minutes flat. 
 I have shoulder length black hair cut into choppy layers, tannish skin that looks green in flourescent lights and green eyes. Every one says I'm pretty, but I don't know why, I don't think I'm hideous, but I don't know how I'm considered pretty. Oh well back to the story. Oh wait, it hasn't begun....

** Sorry to leave ya hangin.... not really. jk! how do you like the story so far?? comment on it! and and just for future reference i am just gonna start calling it Moments, just to make it short! keep reading and i'll keep posting! <3>
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    wow really good i remember this one from school wow its good hey email me when u pots a new one and or call me!!!

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